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before the rooster crows

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Ever since having children, I have learned to enjoy the art of getting up early. Starting the day before the rooster crows allows me to have the enjoyment of a quiet and still home for a brief couple of hours. Something that is unheard of with an 11 year old, 7 year old and 6 year old frolicking about. It allows me to enjoy a hot cup of coffee while I plan my day and set goals I want to accomplish.

And although I value early-morning stillness, I also value lazy mornings lounging in bed with my three children. As we are all too well aware of how quickly time passes, lazy mornings with the “littles” will one day be a thing of the past for my husband and I. For now, I cherish and hold dear these glimpses of time and togetherness.




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Bottom line: I like goals. Whether they are short term goals. Long term goals. Big goals. Little goals or silly goals - I. Like. Goals.

Setting goals lets me put a stake in the ground of where I want to be or what I want to do. But those goals need to be tended to: they need a plan for accomplishment or else they are a mere dream or just a wish and never a fruitful reality. When I put my mind to something that “something” has a monthly, weekly and daily plan of attack. One of my current goals is to read a particular book. Every word in it. From start to finish. I started regularly reading this book in January of 2019. My goal is to have it read by year-end. That “book” is the Bible.



the yesteryears

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Life is busy: all too often, too busy. Over-scheduling makes time seem to fly by even faster. For my family, we try to make it a priority to slow down and to enjoy the things of yesteryears like home-cooked meals, dinners around a table and a board game on a sunny afternoon. Being intentional about having relaxed, quality time is something that we put on the “front-burner.” Despite our three children being antsy to get up and frown at clearing the table, our time spent enjoying a meal together is something we will all look back upon with great fondness.


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